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Andria McKweown-Burnie, CFP | Mortgage Brokers Ottawa

Category: Finance • Mortgage Advisor

Tel: 613-355-5186
Email: andriamb@mortgagebrokersottawa.com
Web: andriamortgages.com

Andria has had the privilege of working in the financial services industry since 1988.  She says that the best part of her career has been getting to know great people and helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

As a mortgage agent with Mortgage Brokers Ottawa, Andria acts as an intermediary between her clients and over 45 lenders.  Whether you are a first time buyer or plan to purchase a vacation home or investment property;  Andria will find the best rates and options for you.  If your mortgage is up for renewal or you want to access the equity available for refinancing to use for debt consolidation, investments or personal use she will explore the most competitive rates and favourable terms to determine the best solution.

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